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We have openings for Suboxone patients!

Medication Management with Suboxone is on a private pay basis only.  The fee for initial assessment with the doctor is $250, follow-up visits are $150.  Payment is expected at the time of service.  Frequency of follow-up visits will be determined on an individual basis with your physician.

Call today for an initial evaluation over the phone to get started in our program.Click to learn more.

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Doctor Shoppers

I read an article from National Institute on Drug Abuse which found 1 out of every 143 US patients who receive a prescription for opioid painkiller in 2008 had prescriptions from multiple physicians. Even though doctor shoppers only make up .7% of patients with opiate prescriptions they purchase almost 2 % of all opiate prescriptions and 4 % of the total amount of opioid drugs measured by weight. That’s quite a number considering doctor shoppers only make up .7% of patients with opiate prescriptions.

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